What is the "Gotcha" Day process ?

Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.   All pups will need to have arrangements to be "picked up" or transportation arranged for "Welcome Home" week, this welcome home week is clearly defined during "Puppy Pick" day.  Arrangements must be made for delivery/ pick-up of Puppy at the time of placing the "HOLD Deposit".   You will need to be sure you can pick up your pup on go home day BEFORE you reserve the pup.  In the event the day/week is not suitable to the families, puppies retained beyond eight weeks are subject to $30 per day the pup is here for extended board.   We reserve the right to refuse holding any puppy beyond 8 weeks. .  

The "Remaining Adoption" Balance is due at 7 weeks and must be paid in full before the puppy leaves..   Welcome Home Day/ Week is super busy, full of excitement and energy with all the families meeting their little fur babies and time slots are assigned for families so that there is plenty of time for my mothers to bless them, families to love on them and puppies to connect.  This special time is also reserved for "Momma Miller" to kiss and say her goodbyes as I transfer my love and guardianship to the pups new families.   During your "Welcome Window" you'll meet your puppy, all documentation and Puppy Go home goodie bag will be provided. I will answer any question you may have and you will sign the Purchase/ Sale agreement and initial the Spay & Neuter Contract. Most of the info you will have already received by me through email on puppy tips, when to schedule your vet appointment, feeding schedule, potty training tips, etc. 

Visitation Policies (see the page on this topic - below under Adoption Process)