Our Difference, We are different by Design!

Our difference is clear..  we spend a great deal of time working with our puppies and in education to introduce and implement practices that Truly Nuture your Chosen Furry Family Member!  The early hours, days and weeks of your pup are in our hands we don’t take this lightly!   The power as a breeder is in what is taught and experienced in their early weeks of life, our environment and program is so different!   We invite you to experience our Difference!

The gift of the early days is truly only a fraction of the pups life and this blessing in time we take very seriously!   These early hours and days in their lives are the greatest importance in the overall well being of the pup and your companion and we invest countless hours into giving them the best opportunity at a wide open lense into their futures.  Our early socialization sets them up for less behavioral issues and increases their emotional resiliency.   The importance of 3-16 days can NEVER BE replaced in a puppy’s life and there is only one time this window is available, and this it taken very seriously at Millersburg Paws.   Our focus is on raising healthy puppies that are exposed to age appropriate sensors to stimulate and develop the neurological systems.  These early weeks our role is filled with attentiveness to the mother and her youngins to ensure a clean and comfortable environment and focus on the nutrients that are given to the mothers and absorbed to the pups through her milk.    This is also the time the puppies neurological system is forming and we are able to influence and implement stimulation to aid in the formation.   Our natural instinct is to make their first few weeks as stress free and shield them from any mild conditions that could negatively affect their growth, however research shows that stressing neonates very slightly produces beneficial effects on them for the rest of their lives.      

Quality of life is inherant to the food, treats and supplements consumed.   We feed a natural, high protein, antioxidant rich formula with fatty acids and no added sugars or sweetners created by PawTree.   This formulation offers a complete and balanced nutrition formula for pups and dogs, made in the USA and developed by veterinarians and nutritionists.   Alongside of their PawTree food program we supplement with salmon oil drops for hair coat and gastro pills for optimal intestinal digestion!  No preservatives, fillers, corn or gluten and the highest quality food I have found and the best part is it is delivered monthly to my doorside!   Strong healthy mothers equal the strongest foundation platform for pups to flourish!  

Here at Millersburg Paws, we practice Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introductions during the 3-16 day window and the benefits of this interraction has life lasting results.  Our intervention and stimulation program continues all the way through the time the pups are in our care.   This investment can change the puppy for the rest of it’s life with results, greater tolerance to stress, resistance to disease, faster adrenal system, and faster heart beat and heart rate.   In the Early Phase (3-16 days), we introduce 5 steps to the Bio Sensor program.  (1) Tactile Stimulation (tickling the pups between the toes which stimulates the skin of the puppy.  (2) Hold Head up and Tail down for 5 seconds, to allow blood to drain from the brain, telling the heart to pump blood back to the brain while maintaining equillibrium.  (3) Hold the Head Down for 5 seconds, to wake up the neurological system since we presented the blood flow in a different direction  (4) Supine Position for 5 seconds puppy is simply on his back and most will resist but the neurological system is being challenged and awakened (5) Thermal stimulation a cooled washcloth the pup stands with all 4 paws on it, making the neurological system adapt to the temperature change.  These 5 stimulation excercises are in addition from the normal stroking and holding of pups!  These are specific stimulations that are unlike a normal handling that most breeders do daily.   These stimulations are are essential to their blood pressure and awakening this young newly developed neurological system that sets the foundation to the way your pup responds to life stressors through out their entire life!     We are highly attentive to the needs of the pup and ensure the pups are only stimulated for up to 25 seconds with these steps.  In these early days more is not better, the normal handling is not over stimulation and the 25 seconds is in a safe zone to provide lasting benefits to behavior and health.   On days of additional stress to the litter (declaw removal) we do not practice this stimulation to allow their bodies to adjust to the stress of that day, but simply replace this day with light stroking and handling.  

The Early interraction is only available once in their lifetime in this 3-16 early days of life!   Our time with these young pups is our investment in your future and the lifetime with your pup!   Invest in a Millersburg Pup because our Difference is clear, our pups are different, our process is proven and our pups leave with strong foundations for an amazing life!