FLY In and Pickup:   Many owners fly in and take their puppy home in the cabin with them.  We can assist with the appropriate items needed to allow this mode of transporation to get your puppy home to you OR We do have Flight Nannies available to fly your pup home to you.   

Private Pet Nanny’s:   prices ranges from $995.00 - $1295.00 in the USA (subject to change based on airfare and destination) and will travel carrying the puppy on the aircraft and the puppy will remain with him/her at all times. The nanny will meet you curbside or in the luggage area at the airport.   There are other alternative methods for private delivery that we can pursue to assist with the safe arrival of your puppy if the need arises.

Ground Transportation  - DOORSIDE DELIVERY  (this service must be pre-booked to allow for the travel route to be established)

           East Coast:   $375            West Coast:  $475

This service is phenomenal, the pups arrive vibrant, clean and ready to greet you!  The best part is since they are live animals the van has to be on the move at all times, so they will bring your new puppy to your doorside and your introduction to your home is immediate!  There is no further transport or meeting them at public location!